An essential aid for businesses to help notice, report and rectify any hazardous situation.

What is a UniPrint Hazard Report book?

Hazard Reporting is used for businesses to help notice, identify, report and rectify any hazardous situation. Accidents in the workplace can cause serious harm (or even death) to employees or visitors. This may result in the business being subject to a fine, poor reputation or imprisonment. 

The form is quick and simple to use and can be used in any situation.

UniPrint Hazard Report book include:

  • Detailed hazard risk rating table
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Hazard report form which can be used in any situation
  • 50 Hazard Report sets per book
  • Protective writing cover

What are the benefits of using a UniPrint Hazard Report book?

Our Hazard Report book should be an essential aid for businesses to help notice, report and rectify any hazardous situation and mitigate them before an incident can occur. 

It’s important to report even minor hazards. This ensures that the likelihood of that hazard occurring again is minimised or (preferably) eliminated. Most importantly, it ensures that the hazard does not grow into a more serious risk. 

The reporting of hazards also allows quality data to be collected. This helps to gain a greater understanding of where risks are occurring and how they can be better managed in the future.

Customisable options are available for your Hazard Report book

Just as every business is different, so is their safety needs and requirements. In view of this, we offer the following print options for Journey Management Plan Checklist books for business:

  • Custom Front Cover - Customise the front cover of our generic Hazard Report books to clearly identify and market your business and brand. The front cover can be designed to include your logo, name, brand colours or any other details to make it your own!
  • Fully Customised - If your work site has specific safety processes or hazard reporting, you can fully customise the design of your Hazard Report book. Your custom safety book may include multiple insert pages, carbonless 2 part duplicates with a protective writing cover, international translation and more. The choice is up to you!
Our minimum quantity for a Custom Hazard Report book is 12.

Customised Safety Book Options are Endless with UniPrint
Customisable Hazard Report books can be designed to meet your organisation's unique safety requirements, as well as being an integral marketing tool or brand building product. Prototypes can be created in the product development stage to ensure they suit your application.

If you need it - we can produce it!

Call us on 03 9882 4905 or click here to submit your interest for a Custom Hazard Report book.

The UniPrint Hazard Report book is suitable for all industries.