Enhancing Workplace Safety: The Advantages of Online Safety Training

At UniPrint, we provide all the tools you need to achieve workplace safety. While Take 5 Safety Books, pre-start checklists and hazard report cards are all essential in workplace health and safety, workers will only get the most out of them if they’ve been trained in how to use them. 

This is why we developed our online safety training course. It’s the perfect way for workers to learn or refresh their knowledge and for managers to ensure they’re creating a positive workplace health and safety culture. 

In this article, we’re going to take you through the basics of online Take 5 Safety Training and the advantages of implementing it in your workplace.


What Is Online Safety Training with UniPrint?

Our online safety training course was designed to be in-depth and clear. Through images and easy-to-understand explanations, workers can either refresh their Take 5 knowledge or learn from scratch. In order to move on to the next section, they have to answer a series of questions correctly, therefore confirming their understanding. 

Workers are encouraged to complete the training with a printed safety book so that they can practise real workplace scenarios and apply the training.

Once completed, both the worker and their manager are sent a completion certificate which can be used to show compliance with workplace health and safety rules. Furthermore, the online safety training is available in multiple languages, ensuring most employees can benefit from taking the course in their own language.


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Benefits of Online Safety Training

There are several advantages to encouraging employees to take UniPrint’s online training course. Here are some of the most important.


#1. Real-Time Learning

Our online safety training was designed to be as engaging and efficient as possible. Real-time learning ensures those completing the course are provided with visuals and examples to apply to real workplace scenarios. Workers are given thorough yet concise information and images on each page to ensure they understand the topic. The real-time nature of the course means they can’t go to the next page without correctly answering the questions about the current topic. This helps to consolidate what they’ve learnt. 


#2. Accessibility and Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of safety training being online, rather than in-person, is that it’s incredibly convenient. Workers can complete the training from wherever and whenever suits them best. It can accommodate different shifts and work environments to ensure that all workers have the same training and knowledge and can work together to maintain safety standards.

Also, because it's online, those completing the training can do so at their own pace. There’s no need for them to rush onto another section without fully understanding the previous one. They can take their time to read the information and practise with their printed book.


#3. Comprehensive Training

The information, visuals and control questions create a fully comprehensive online safety training course. Workers are given clear examples of scenarios in the workplace and how to respond correctly to them. They can also use printed books in conjunction with the training course to ensure the books become a consistent part of their daily workplace safety.


#4. Certification 

Receiving a certificate at the end of the online safety course serves as a formal recognition that the employee is taking health and safety seriously. It shows that they are working towards maintaining health and safety standards and that they’re aware of playing their role in creating a health and safety culture


#5. Managerial Oversight

When workers complete the online safety training, they’re required to provide both their and their manager’s email addresses. The completion certificate is then sent to both so managers can be notified of completion which helps to track compliance. They can be aware of who has and has not completed the training, ensuring that workplace health and safety is a priority for all in the company. 


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#6. It’s Free!

What makes ours one of the best online safety training tools is that it’s completely free! We understand how important good training is, which is why we’ve made it accessible to all. You can pair free online training with wholesale safety books to ensure employee security is a prime concern – and for a competitive price. 


So, Should Your Employees Be Completing Online Safety Training?

Providing workers with online health and safety training ensures they get the most out of their printed safety solutions. It’s a convenient and thorough way for workers to improve their health and safety knowledge and for employers to make sure that hazards and risk assessments are taken seriously. Contact the team at UniPrint if you’d like to know more about online health and safety training and how it can work with customised checklists and safety books.  

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