does take 5 work?

Does Take 5 Safety Work?

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Changing the culture of safety in the workplace is essential for both business and its employees. By creating small and frequent checks of potential hazards in the workplace, controls can be implemented much faster and projects can run more efficiently.

Here’s just some ways that Take 5 Safety Books work to reduce hazards in the workplace:


Proactive Approach to Workplace Safety 

When used properly, the Take 5 Safety Checklists make people more mindful of potential hazards in the workplace. Rather than just ‘going through the motions’ of day-to-day tasks, staff can use the checklist to prompt awareness of where potential hazards could occur. When identified, Take 5 then encourages staff to work with their supervisor to create and implement controls. This helps to identify issues before they occur, keeping workplaces, employees and the surrounding environment safe.

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Reducing Workplace Injuries 

The most common workplace incidents occur as a result of not following a procedure. This can include common injuries such as slips, strains, cuts, contusions, and falls. The Take 5 Safety Checklists helps each staff member to be more aware of what is needed to complete their work, such as:

  • Awareness of workplace surroundings and environment.
  • Procedures and permits needed to complete their tasks.
  • Proactively identifying potential hazards and controlling risk.

This awareness accounts for a lower likelihood of ‘unknown hazards’, minimising the occurrences of workplace injuries.


Reduced Cost and Work Disruptions

By proactively identifying hazards in the workplace before they occur, you can help to increase the safety for your staff, and lower the likelihood of disruptions to your business.

By taking 5 minutes at the start of the project to check safety, you help to increase the productivity of work and meet the required safety regulations for your industry.  This all helps to keep projects running on time and lower business costs.

The Take 5 checklist allows staff to continue to monitor for hazards and risks when their tasks or their surrounding workplace changes. This helps reduce ‘complacency’ in the safety culture and keeps everyone aware of the safety of themselves and their workmates.

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Improved Employee Morale

Using Take 5 Safety Booklets provides your workplace with a great foundation for safety. It encourages staff to keep to the required safety practices in mind. It can be easily followed by staff members and allows them to communicate with their team leaders and supervisors where hazards are identified.

With everyone working on the same page, employees can be more focused on what work they need to do, rather than worrying about their safety. The results of a better employee morale within your organisation can include: less sick leave (or workplace accidents), better communication between staff, increased productivity, and projects finishing on time.


UniPrint Take 5 Safety Booklets 

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