Ensure safety and compliance with a Take 5 safety book

What is a UniPrint Take 5 Safety Checklist book?

Make it easy with a UniPrint Take 5 Safety Checklist book.

Our UniPrint Take 5 Safety Checklist books are the quickest and easiest way to undertake safety and hazard risk assessments, containing everything you need from a risk assessment tool in one pocket-sized book.

Take 5 safety books are:

All Take 5 pocket books are accredited by the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (Vic).

Easy to use
Quick and concise checklists and safety assessments means there’s no confusion or difficulties for your staff.

The small, pocket-sized design means your staff can have access to their Take 5 safety book at all times, and are always prepared and safe.

Also available in water-resistant covers and stone paper to keep your Take 5 books usable in all weather and work conditions.

Need extra protection?
PVC Take 5 Covers
are available to keep your records safe and accessible in hazardous conditions.

What are the benefits of using a UniPrint Take 5 Safety Checklist book?

Our Take 5 safety books have been in the field for over 10 years and are endorsed by the Master Plumbers association. They allow you to:

Other versions available:

Our Take 5 Safety Books come in a range of finishes and options including:

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    The UniPrint Take 5 Safety Checklist book is suitable for all industries.