UniPrint's Retail Network for Safety Books and Checklists

UniPrint's Retail Network for Safety Books and Checklists

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Safety books and checklists are a great and valuable way of keeping employees safe in the workplace. They ensure that health and safety practices are a primary focus for everyone there and act as a clear reminder for daily tasks and protocols.

But it’s not only larger businesses that can benefit from using safety books or that have access to them. As well as being able to buy wholesale directly from UniPrint, we also supply a wide range of safety book retailers across Australia. There are lots of benefits to visiting a local retailer to purchase your Take 5 Safety Books and pre-start checklists.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at the main ones, so you can decide if buying from a retailer would suit your needs.


Benefits of Buying a Safety Checklist from a Retailer

For many larger companies, there are numerous benefits to buying safety books directly from the manufacturer. However, smaller companies may find it easier to go to a retailer for their safety product purchasing needs.

Benefit #1 Smaller Quantities

Perhaps the biggest benefit for smaller companies is the minimum order quantity needed. Often, when you buy from a manufacturer directly, there’s a minimum order number required. Whilst this can work out more economically viable for large companies, it can be very expensive for smaller ones.

After all, you might not need hundreds of pre-start checklists if you have 10 employees, but they still need to be kept safe. When you go to one of our partner retailers, you’ll be able to buy safety products in smaller quantities, which can be much more useful.


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Benefit #2 More Convenient

Buying from a retailer is often more convenient for the buyer. Not only do many of the companies in our retail network have online stores but they also have local branches. This means that you can buy a safety book in the way that’s easiest for you. If you happen to be in the store anyway, you can pick a couple up or order them online if that’s more convenient for you!


Benefit #3 In-Store Assistance

Although our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our health and safety products, sometimes it’s easier to have an immediate reply then and there. If you need questions answered about our products, in-store staff will be able to answer them and guide you towards the best product for your needs. They can recommend products that you may not know about and explain the benefits of each.


Benefit #4 You Can See What You’re Buying

Countless companies all over Australia happily use our hazard-reporting products and safety checklists. They feel secure knowing that their employees are as safe as possible and that our books and checklists are thorough and specifically designed for workplace requirements. But you need to know that too.

When you buy through a retailer, you can check exactly what we cover in a safety book and whether it meets your company’s needs. 


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Benefit #5 Minimal Stock if Company Changes

Buying from a retailer means you buy as and when you need to. Buying from a manufacturer normally means you buy in bulk which is great but can mean you’re left with stock if your business changes. This is particularly true if you’ve opted for a customised safety book. 

If, for example, your logo changes, you’ll need to replace your purchased books to get your company’s new branding. Buying from a retailer, however, means you can buy smaller quantities so won’t have as many lefts over in this case.


Are There Any Negatives to Buying from a Retailer?

For many smaller businesses, it’s worth buying from a retailer as it’s more economical and practical. However, customisation isn’t possible when buying from a retailer. When you buy directly from UniPrint, we can add your company’s name, colours, logo and important safety information such as meeting points, phone numbers and evacuation protocols. Customised safety books make health and safety more relevant to workers which can help to keep it a focus throughout the day.

There’s also less scalability when you buy from a retailer directly. If you order from UniPrint, we can amend your order as and when your company changes, grows and develops. We can process larger orders and ensure that you always have enough Take 5 Books to keep your employees safe.


Is Buying Safety Books Directly from A Retailer Best for You?

If your company is on the smaller side, all chances are you should buy directly from a retailer. It’s more convenient and you can also buy in smaller quantities which can be really useful. Customisation options, however, are usually limited or take longer to process, which may not suit your company’s needs. 

If you’re unsure about whether to buy from one of our trusted retailers or directly from UniPrint, get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to talk you through your options and the various products on offer that can help to keep your employees safe.