UniPrint are backed by over 60 years of print experience, with our safety books being used in the field for over 10 years.

Workplace Safety Made Easy

Our safety books make it easy for organisations across a range of industries to adopt and manage workplace safety quickly and easily. This enables you to keep your staff safe as well as ensure you meet your legislative safety requirements.

Safety Books For Every Industry

UniPrint have a range of safety books including our most popular product the Take 5 Safety Book, as well as our Pre-Start Checklist Book, Journey Management Planner and Hazard Report Book.

Customised Safety Books and Other Languages

Customisable safety books can be designed to meet your organisation's unique safety requirements, as well as being an integral marketing tool or brand building product. Click here to find out more.

Currently we offer our Take 5 Uniprint safety book in French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Thai which are available to order now. If you require another language, fill in the form here to submit your interest or email sales@uniprint.com.au.

Ensure safety and compliance with a Take 5 safety book

What Are UniPrint Take 5 Safety Checklist Books?

UniPrint's Take 5 Safety Books are endorsed by the Master Plumbers Association and are the market leading, pocket-sized book that make it quick and easy for your team to do safety and hazard risk assessments.

They’re available in water-resistant finishes such as stone paper, and can be ordered with PVC Take 5 Book Covers to keep your records safe and accessible in hazardous conditions.

Making compliance easier by assisting businesses to develop and prove safety management systems.

What is a UniPrint Pre-start Checklist book?

UniPrint’s Pre-Start Checklist Books allow you to easily track the condition of your machinery and identify any service issues before they become hazardous.

They’re simple to use and versatile enough to be used across a range of machinery on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

When making a road journey, your chances of arriving safely are greatly increased by careful planning.

What Are UniPrint Journey Management Plan Checklist Books?

UniPrint’s Journey Management Plan Checklist Books help you complete a standard process when planning a road transport journey, increasing your chances of arriving safely.

They are a critical part of an organisations’ workplace health and safety practices as they are easy to use and take the guess work away from your staff so they can safely move from one destination to another.


An essential aid for businesses to help notice, report and rectify any hazardous situation.

What Are UniPrint Hazard Report Books?

UniPrint’s Hazard Report Books notice, report and rectify any hazardous situation.

They are a critical and essential aid for businesses. The form is quick and simple to use and can be used in any situation.