Introducing Our Updated Take 5 Safety Books

Introducing Our Updated Take 5 Safety Books

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Due to popular demand of our leading Safety Books, the team at UniPrint is excited to announce the launch of our updated Take 5 Safety Book. These books contain safety information and tips that are designed to help keep people safe in the workplace.

We know how important it is for employees to be aware of their surroundings and take precautions against injury or accidents. That's why we've added an example of how to complete your Take 5 Safety Checklist within the book, as well as a QR code you can scan online for additional training on workplace hazards.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to make it easy for businesses to keep people safe.

Introducing the Take 5 Safety Book

The Take 5 Safety book is a useful workplace tool that is focused on the prevention of injury and accidents in the workplace. The purpose of the book is to easily guide workers on real time hazard identification and reporting.

The UniPrint Take 5 Safety Book contains step-by-step instructions to identify, assess and control perceived risks and hazards related to their role, the equipment that they use, and their surrounding work environment.

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UniPrint's Take 5 Safety Books Provides Workplace Features:

As a leading printer of Take 5 Safety books in Australia, UniPrint has a dedicated team of professionals to create these useful guides. Our books are constructed with your workplace requirements in mind, according to Australia's Health & Safety Regulations. Our client-centric approach and product quality is unparalleled in the printing industry, we consider our clients both big and small as part of our family.

The UniPrint Take 5 Safety book features the following core aspects:

Safety Checklists

Are you looking for a common safety checklist that can be used across a wide range of industries? Our Take 5 Safety Books are used Australia-wide by Trades, Mining and Construction. This comprehensive checklist guides employees through each stage of the action plan:

  1. Stop, step back and think
  2. Identify the hazard
  3. Assess the level of risk
  4. Control the hazards
  5. Proceed safely

Our updated Take 5 Safety Books now includes a page that shows you how this safety checklist can be completed.

Hazard Reporting

Our Take 5 Safety books help to make Hazard Reporting easier. We've included a Hazard Risk Rating Table that helps employees to assess whether an identified hazard is high risk, low risk, or medium risk. This helps them to decide the severity of the risk, and whether they need to work with their workplace manager or supervisor to mitigate this risk.

Our Take 5 Safety books have a separate section on reporting. This gives the employees different options to choose from in relation to where they will report their findings, and how they can reduce or eliminate that risk.

You can now easily access additional online training on hazards by scanning the QR code in our updated Take 5 Safety Books.

Risk Assessment

Risk analysis is the process of identifying hazards, estimating their likelihood and potential consequences to the people and property in its surroundings. The risk assessment is then used to develop safety management systems in the workplace.

We've made risk assessment easier for employees to identify and record with our worked examples and free online training.

This training provides employees with details on how to perform a risk assessment. with their Take 5 Safety Book. We've included helpful tips for this process, along with useful resources such as the Hazard Ranking table and the Risk Assessment Form.

This is all included in our online training program, at no additional cost!

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Where to Order our Updated Take 5 Safety Books

If you're ready to take your workplace safety to the next level, click here to place your Take 5 Safety Book order with UniPrint today.

We offer a variety of Take 5 Safety Book packages that are perfect for small businesses, or large organisations. Our pricing is simple and transparent, this includes the cost of printing and delivery.  We also offer customisation options for our books to help suit your specific business or industry. Contact our team today to discuss your specific safety book needs.