Where Can You Buy Take 5 Safety books?

Where Can You Buy Take 5 Safety books?

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A safe working environment is a collaborative effort between the company management and employees. Companies need to institute an efficient risk assessment and hazard management program that the employees can easily undertake and sustain.

Take 5 Safety Books are a good practice that should be implemented in your working environment. It is a step-by-step safety procedure that guides employees in the evaluation and mitigation of imminent health hazards. This system is also one of the most efficient yet undemanding ways of risk assessment that can be performed by every single employee on-site.

These books contain a checklist that guides employees through potential risk hazards in their working environment. This needs to be completed by an employee before starting work, and especially before doing a potentially risky task. 

With regular risk assessments, the employees become the micro surveillance system that can detect simple to severe problems in their respective areas. By doing so, immediate solutions can be put into action, preventing unfortunate damages and losses.

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Industries that use Take 5 Safety Books

Any companies whose operations pose some level of safety and health risks to its employees are advised to make use of Take 5 Safety books. Here are some of the common industries that tend to adopt this process, but the industries that benefit from using safety books are not limited to this list. If your company operations carry any form of risk, then it’s worth considering implementing this practice.


Construction is tagged as one of the most accident-prone work areas globally. With high exposure to machinery, equipment and uneven surfaces, this industry must maintain a high level of safety measures.

In Australia alone, over 50 deaths a year have been registered due to construction incidents.*


Industries related to food, clothing, and mechanical parts often use heavy types of machinery and equipment to upscale production. This kind of equipment can be prone toelectrical short-circuits, malfunctions, and breakdowns which may endanger nearby employees or operators.

Plumbing and Mechanical Services

Employees in this industry are prone to physical trauma due to increased risks of slippage, cutting, entanglement, impact, and abrasions. Uniprint’s Take 5 Safety Books are recognised and accredited by the Master Plumbers Association.

Health Facilities

Employees working in the healthcare industry are often exposed to potentially risky machinery, medications, equipment, chemicals and radiation. It is important to keep health care facilities safe for both employees and patients.

Oil, Gas and Mining

The handling of highly combustible materials poses serious threats to employees in this industry. Transportation-related accidents are also one of the leading safety risks in this sector. There are also several occupational health hazards in mining sites like engine operations, physical traumas, heat, radiation, and chemical vapors.

Waterproof Take 5 Safety Books

It’s important for employees to have their Take 5 Safety Books with them regularly. Carrying them around while working out on the floor can result in their safety books ripping, breaking and being damaged by water. These damages can result in the loss of records and additional company expenses.

take 5 checklist, take 5 safety book supplierTo prevent these situations, you can purchase safety books made from durable, high-quality materials. UniPrint understands the importance of safety books in a company.  For this reason, we have been leading the way and specialise in producing waterproof Take 5 Safety Books.

Instead of the traditional pulp-based safety books, UniPrint uses stone paper which is made from an abundant chemical called calcium carbonate.

Stone paper has a lot of advantages over traditional papers. It is durable, oil-resistant, tear-resistant, and waterproof. These characteristics make it a highly preferred resource in the industry. It helps companies in saving costs and keeping records.

In addition to waterproof stone papers, UniPrint can also produce rigid and waterproof front and back covers. This is particularly handy for workers who are often exposed to water or liquids in their daily work. We believe that covers should be as durable as possible, to protect the content of the booklet. We can also provide Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), widely used construction material for waterproofing for books covers.

Customising Your Take 5 Safety Book

Every workplace has different industry standards that need to be met. The needs of your particular employees may not be the needs of others. Oftentimes, standard safety books do not meet some of the policies stated under Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines specified to a particular industry. Or there may be times where company management wants to integrate their own personalised strategies to their workplace safety books. 

UniPrint acknowledges this which is why we make it possible to manage your Take 5 Safety Book customisation requests. We are the leading expert in personalising safety books to fit your operational requirements. We offer three main customisation options for our clients:

1.     Custom Front Cover

Some of our clients choose to change, or remove some details from the front cover. The most common requests are:

  • Adding the company name and logo
  • Changing of color schemes
  • Including contact details and address

2.     Custom Front and Back Cover

Some clients also tend to change the front and back covers depending on theire preference. The information, designs, and layout of safety book covers are configurable to meet your workplace needs.

3.     Full Custom

This option gives our clients endless options. You can request content modification which is very common since every type of industry has a different set of risks. You could also request to add/remove pages, change the layout, insert translations, and modify content. We can provide you with anything needed for your Take 5 Safety book printing request.

Where to Buy Your Take 5 Safety Book in Australia

Safety books are vital parts of risk prevention and mitigation plans of any industry. It’s important to choose a company that understands Australian industry standards, as well as your individual workplace needs when it comes to printing safety books.

With more than 60 years of print experience, UniPrint continuously studies, innovates, and experiments to provide Australia with superior-quality safety books. Our team regularly checks the content to ensure it remains compliant with a wide range of standard policies and guideliens.

We're always looking for alternative materials to make them more sustainable and suitable for industrial and production sites. Most importantly, we value the opinions and ideas of our clients.

Safety in your workplace is an investment and you can be sure that when you partner with UniPrint - every dollar is a dollar well spent.