What is Stone Paper?

This revolutionary paper is made from 80% crushed stone (CaCO3 Calcium
Carbonate) gathered from industry offcuts that are then bound together by a non
toxic resin to form a beautiful satin, matte textured paper. All the while leaving the
Earth's natural water supplies and forests to do what they do best.

Stone Paper is environmentally preferable to all wood pulp
fibre papers as its manufacturing process:

• Is absolutely 100% tree free
• Has low carbon emissions
• Uses less energy
• Generates no effluent
• Uses no water, acid, bleach or other chemicals
• Recycles all waste Stone Paper.


Research indicates that the manufacture of one tonne of
Stone Paper instead of one tonne of wood pulp fibre paper:

• Saves 20 trees
• Water borne waste is reduced by 19.05 kgs
• Water flow of 28.31 litres is saved
• Atmospheric emissions are reduced by 107.1 kgs
• Energy savings of six million BTU’s.

One tonne of stone produces one tonne of Stone Paper but it requires four tonnes
of wood to produce only one tonne of traditional wood pulp fibre paper.