UniPrint's Multilingual Take 5 Online Safety Training

UniPrint's Multilingual Take 5 Online Safety Training

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Online training is an interactive and vital part of keeping everyone safe in the workplace. The free, online safety training tool provided by UniPrint guides you through a series of questions and scenarios that will help you understand our Real-Time Safety Analysis and Incident Report pocketbooks. 

Our in-depth training guide is designed to teach the content thoroughly, allowing users to answer set questions correctly before moving on to the next section. It’s a great tool for those just starting to use Take 5 Safety Books and those looking for a refresher.

And, to ensure that more people can benefit from our online safety training, we’ve made it available in 5 other languages: French, Spanish, Arabic, Thai and German. Here’s an in-depth look into the advantages of offering multilingual online safety training in conjunction with our printed safety media.


Benefits of Multilingual Take 5 Online Safety Training

As is the case with multilingual Take 5 Safety Books, there are huge benefits to offering online safety training in more than one language. 


Benefit #1: No Miscommunication

Miscommunication in the workplace is never good. But miscommunication when it comes to health and safety can literally be life-threatening. Even if the company’s core language is English, offering someone safety training in their own language ensures that they fully understand the details and just how important it is.

Everyone being on the same page when it comes to health and safety is vital if they’re to work together to make the workplace safe and happy.


Benefit #2: Creating an Inclusive Workplace Environment

Offering online safety training in multiple languages helps make workers feel seen and included. Even if their level of English is good enough to work, safety training can be daunting, especially when it’s something so important for them to understand. It helps to improve the sense of comradery between employees as they know that everyone understands the daily, weekly and monthly health and safety tasks.

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Benefit #3: Makes Health and Safety a Priority for All

One of the best ways to make health and safety a priority in the workplace is by making it accessible for all. It then becomes part of the worker’s daily routine and a focus for all employees. When fundamental parts of health and safety practices, such as Take 5 training, are in multiple languages, everyone can make them a key part of their working day. This, in turn, helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents happening and improves hazard reporting.


Benefit #4: It’s an Option for Everyone

A great thing about our free online training course is that it isn’t just designed for people new to the industry or Take 5 Safety procedures. The course can be used as a refresher for all, ensuring there can be no excuses for not understanding protocols and that health and safety continue to be a priority.


Benefit #5: Sense of Achievement for All

When employees complete our online safety training, they receive a certificate to prove they’ve successfully completed each section and correctly answered the relevant questions. These certificates are also issued in multiple languages, so everyone can enjoy their sense of achievement. 


Benefit #6: Great for the Business

Offering health and safety training online and in multiple languages is a great thing for any business to do. Employees can complete the course whenever it's convenient for them in the language that they deem best. This makes the company more appealing, attracting highly competent and experienced workers.

Furthermore, ensuring health and safety is a priority for all reduces accidents and the associated costs with hiring temporary replacements and time off work. Enforcing well-thought-out and functional health and safety procedures, including adequate training, helps to keep the workplace safer and creates a more enjoyable environment. 


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Would Your Company Benefit from Multilingual Take 5 Safety Training?

There are so many ways in which offering multilingual online safety training can benefit both employees and employers. When everyone in the company fully understands how to use Take 5 Safety Books and Hazard Report Books, there’s a much better safety culture which helps to prevent accidents and identify hazards before they become a problem.

If you’d like to learn more about our online training materials, get in touch with the team at UniPrint. We’ll be happy to advise on how our online safety training and free safety posters can improve health and safety in your company.