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Increasing Safety for Truck Drivers with Safety Checklists

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Unfortunately, in 2022 vehicle collisions were the number one cause of fatalities in the workplace in Australia. This was shortly followed by deaths associated with machinery and moving objects. These shocking statistics highlight how important a truck pre-start checklist is and how it could mean the difference between life and death.

There are so many benefits to filling out a quick pre-start checklist or journey management plan which could save you time and money and, most importantly, reduce the risk of workplace accidents from happening. In this article, we’re going to go through how UniPrint’s checklists and journey planners could positively impact your business and workers. After all, we want to keep your fleet on the roads and your drivers safe.

What Is A Truck Pre-Start Checklist?

The best way to avoid accidents in the workplace is to identify them early on and quickly come up with a solution. Our pre-start checklists do exactly that. These easy-to-use, small, and accessible checklists can be filled out for a variety of different machinery, including trucks.

The checklists include daily inspection forms as well as monthly ones for those things that don’t need to be checked every day. Ensuring the truck is running smoothly and any potential hazards are spotted early on is essential. It allows your fleet to run on time as well as keeps your drivers safe.

At UniPrint, we also offer customised checklists. You can include company logos, colours, and specific things which need to be checked on a daily or monthly basis. You can make your checklist a specific truck pre-start checklist which will be more relevant for drivers to fill out. If it feels designed for them, they’ll understand that they’re valued and that health and safety are a priority for management. This helps to create a good workplace safety culture which is hugely important.

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What Is A Journey Management Plan?

A journey management plan is a crucial part of workplace health and safety when it comes to employees travelling for work. By planning in an effective and proven way, you can minimise the risk of accidents happening on the road. You’ll be doing everything you can to ensure your workers arrive safely and your business is running smoothly.

There are many reasons why a journey management plan matters. When they are correctly used, they take no time at all to fill out and can have huge consequences. At UniPrint, our journey management plans are designed to be completed before travel so that safety is a priority prior to, during and after arrival. As with our other products, you can also customise your journey plan. This allows you to add specifics such as routes, weather, time of day, security issues, and traffic conditions to your checklist for your driver to fill out. Making health and safety relevant to workers is essential and customising pre-start checklists is a great way to do it.

Why Are Pre-Start Checklists and Journey Plans So Important?

There are so many benefits to implementing both into your workplace health and safety. Here are a couple of the main ones.

  • Minimising accidents and ensuring employee safety. Of course, this is the most important benefit. By regularly carrying out a truck pre-start checklist, you can identify potential hazards and secure them. This means employees can work efficiently and safely.
  • Save you money. Checklists allow you to find problems and resolve them quickly before they become much bigger and much more expensive. Not only does this save you money on repairs, but time off the road means you’re losing money too. Maintaining vehicles with pre-start checklists means they’ll work for much longer and will be safe.
  • Safeguard the company. Carrying out checklists and journey management plans is an important step and can safeguard the company from non-compliance. 
  • Increase productivity. Workers like to know that management cares about their welfare. It creates a better workplace environment and employees are more motivated to work. An increase in productivity means workers are engaging with health and safety which will reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents happening.

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Why Choose UniPrint?

At UniPrint, we design and print all our products to a very high standard. Our checklists and journey plans can be customised which means logos and information specific to your company can be added. This helps to make health and safety more relevant for your employees which improves overall morale and minimises risk. You can also buy our safety books and checklists wholesale, meaning you can save money and always have them to hand when needed. 

Contact the team at UniPrint to enquire about a customised pre-start truck checklist for your company so that you can keep your drivers safe on the road.