Making compliance easier by assisting businesses to develop and prove safety management systems.

What is a UniPrint Pre-start Checklist book?

Our Pre-start checklist book helps you track the condition and service of machinery, exposing defects or service issues prior to becoming hazardous.

They are versatile allowing you to use it for a variety of machinery. An added feature of our Pre-start checklist books are having both daily and weekly inspection forms allowing you to use it daily, weekly or even monthly.

The checklists are quick and simple to use and guides you through a series of checks to ensure you're safe before you start.

UniPrint Pre-start Checklists include:

  • Repair log
  • 40 x carbonless sets of Daily Pre-start inspection form
  • 8 x carbonless sets of Weekly Pre-start inspection form
  • Protective writing cover (with instructions on how to fill out a Pre-start)

What are the benefits of using a UniPrint Pre-start Checklist book?

The UniPrint Pre-start checklist makes compliance easier by assisting businesses to develop and prove safety management systems.

Our Pre-start checklist books are different to others as they are versatile enough to be used across a variety of machinery. As well as this, you can use it as a daily, weekly or even monthly checklist.

Customisable options are available for your Pre-start Checklist book

Just as every business is different, so is their safety needs and requirements. In view of this, we offer the following print options for Pre-start checklist books for business:

  • Custom Front Cover - Customise the front cover of our generic Pre-start checklist books to clearly identify and market your business and brand. The front cover can be designed to include your logo, name, brand colours or any other details to make it your own!
  • Fully Customised - If your work site has specific safety processes or hazard reporting, you can fully customise the design of your Pre-start book. Your custom safety book may include multiple insert pages, carbonless 2 part duplicates with a protective writing cover, international translation and more. The choice is up to you!
Our minimum quantity for a Custom Pre-start Checklist book is 12.

Customised Safety Book Options are Endless with UniPrint
Customisable Pre-start checklist books can be designed to meet your organisation's unique safety requirements, as well as being an integral marketing tool or brand building product. Prototypes can be created in the product development stage to ensure they suit your application.

If you need it - we can produce it!

Call us on 03 9882 4905 or click here to submit your interest for a Custom Pre-start Checklist book.

The UniPrint Pre-start Checklist book is suitable for all industries.

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