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Wholesale Safety Books: How You Can Benefit from Buying in Bulk

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Safety books are a key risk assessment tool that helps to keep your employees safe in the workplace. They allow you to recognise and control potential hazards, make your employees aware of important meeting points, set risk management standards and, ultimately, help to reduce and avoid accidents. They’re designed to be completed on a regular basis so your workers are aware and engaged in workplace safety and any changes that have been made.

Whilst it suits smaller businesses who only need a couple of our Take 5 Safety Books to buy them from retailers across Australia, larger businesses and retailers themselves benefit from buying them wholesale from us. It’s cost-effective, means your employees are more likely to use them and we can even customise them for your unique business. Here are just some of the benefits of buying in bulk.


Why Retailers Should Buy Wholesale Safety Books

Middlemen quite often mean extra fees. So why buy your safety books and risk assessment products from other retailers rather than directly from UniPrint? By buying through us, you’ll save money and have consistent stock whenever you need it. 

Our safety posters, pre-start checklists and Take 5 Books are becoming ever more crucial parts of the workplace. When customers come in looking for high-vis vests, hard hats and other safety equipment, they’re going to want to see a full range of risk assessment products too. If you decide to buy from UniPrint, you’ll be getting high-quality safety books that are well-designed and easy to use. They also make a real difference in the workplace.

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How Can Larger Businesses Benefit?

If you have lots of employees working across a number of locations - buying bulk can ensure that everyone has a safety book when needed and that they’re properly getting used. Workers without risk assessment books will waste time (and money) going to retailers to buy them. By having a constant supply of safety books you can ensure that new workers are properly trained and that everyone who needs one knows how to use it.

We also print eye-catching safety posters and a useful reminder for everyone to follow on-site protocol. Buying a safety poster in bulk ensures that all workshops and sites have the same poster for employees to follow. Workers going between different sites will be aware of the poster and reminded to follow the safety instructions and risk assessments. 

Of course, buying wholesale safety books is also more cost-effective. Workers will always need them and buying directly from UniPrint cuts out the middleman and the extra fees they have. 


Why Is Buying Wholesale Unique?

Not only does buying in bulk ensure you have safety books when needed but it also allows you to customise them – something that isn’t offered by a retailer. Our Custom Take 5 Safety Books can be designed with your logo, slogan and business colours. Pre-start checklists, meeting points, risk assessments and daily tasks can be tailored to your workplace and your employees. By including specific on-site OHS information your workers are more likely to engage with health and safety and make it part of their daily routine.

Not only do we customise our books and posters to your workplace but you can also choose the size and material they’re printed on. We can use waterproof and environmentally friendly stone paper which is really useful for sites that could potentially be wet or oily. You can also buy PVC covers to protect them. 

We offer our safety books in a range of sizes – from pocket size to A5 or A4. If none of these work for you, we’re also happy to customise them to the dimensions you need!

By buying wholesale directly from us you get all of these added benefits to your order. You can include site maps, contact numbers and your own health and safety procedures. Custom safety books are a great way to get your workers thinking about safety and reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace.

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So, Why Buy Wholesale Safety Books?

Buying directly from UniPrint saves you time and money and means you can customise your safety poster and book. There’s no need to pay the extra fees of the middleman and you know you always have a supply of books if and when your workers really need them. By using your company’s colours and on-site information you make completing risk assessments part of your employees' daily routine. This reduces the chance of accidents happening and ensures your workers are happy and safe at the workplace.

To see how buying wholesale can help your business, contact us today today for an initial quote!