French Take 5 Safety Books

French Take 5 Safety Books

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Bonjour! As a leading manufacturer of work safety books in Australia, UniPrint is proud to announce that our Take 5 Safety Books are now also available in French.

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Our Take 5 Safety Books are used by workplaces across Australia, and are ideal for use in industries where there is a higher risk of injury due to the use of heavy equipment and where hazards may occur during the performance of tasks, and workplace conditions. This includes industries such as mining, manufacturing, construction and utilities-based industries.

With an increased demand from our French-speaking audience, we have now provided French language translation for our leading risk assessment books. This caters for businesses who have locations based outside of Australia in French-speaking countries, including France and the broader European region, and parts of Canada, who want to use our leading safety resources.

Regardless of your location, the Take 5 Safety Books outline a series of safety routine checks that involve 5 key steps: 

  • STOP and Take 5
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Control
  • Monitoring

If you're interested in more information on using Take 5 Safety Books, you can check out our popular article "How Do You Complete A Take 5 Risk Assessment?".

French Take 5 Safety Books 

french take 5 safety book, safety checklist in french

The UniPrint French Take 5 Safety Books are a convenient pocket-sized checklist tool that is designed to help reduce or eliminate potential accidents and injuries from the workplace. It is a cost-effective way of promoting a safe working environment for your organisation located in French-speaking locations such as France or Canada.

They are designed to be used by your employees and supervisors for hazard identification before he or she commences a task that could potentially be dangerous. The safety checklist book is designed to take employees through the 5 step safety action plan. It also provides your French-speaking staff with 11 hazard prompts, along with a real-time safety analysis checklist.

Benefits of Having Take 5 Safety Books in French 

With our growing clientele here in Australia, we saw an increase in demand to cater for French-speaking workers. By providing the Take 5 Safety Books in French, businesses who operate across various locations can now ensure their entire workforce is able to easily benefit from the one standardised safety procedure. 

Additional benefits of delivering our Take 5 safety books in French include :

  • Increased worker confidence by following a standardised safety procedure.
  • Elimination of communication barriers that can occur when native language is not used in reference materials.
  • Reduction in workplace hazards and risks occurring as a result of clear safety identification.
  • Improved productivity and output when completing tasks.

french safety checklist, take 5 safety book in french


Customised Safety Books 

The great news for our French-speaking audience is that we can still provide your workplace with our popular fully-customisable safety book features. We offer a range of options for customising your French safety books so that you can incorporate your own personalised customisations, including your business logo, insert pages, and book dimensions. 


Customised Brand, Colours and Logos

Customise your French Take 5 Safety books with your organisation’s logo, branding and colours. You can customise the front and back cover, while using our standard internal pages. Or you can complete a full customisation cover-to-cover. This form of customisation allows your employees to easily identify with their safety materials as they reflect your organisation’s safety culture from cover to cover. 

Customised Insert Pages

Adding custom insert pages to your French Take 5 Safety Books allows you to include important elements that are relevant for your specific organisation. This can include customised pages that remind your employees of your specific safety processes and hazard reporting, along with important contact details of company safety and management divisions to escalate hazards, accidents and injuries. 

Customised Book Dimensions 

The most popular size for our French Take 5 Safety Book is the pocketbook size. However, if your particular industry or organisation would benefit from a different size, our team can work with you to create these safety books in a size that best suits you and your employees.


French take 5 safety checklist, take 5 safety france

UniPrint Take 5 books in French are our way of supporting your organisation to not only achieve maximum safety but also find a solution that can be rolled out across various locations. If your business operates in French-speaking countries, then our French Take 5 Safety Books are ideal to create a uniformed safety standard in this region. 

If you would like to know more about how we can support your European and Candian business locations for safety resources, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific needs.

For now, reste en sécurité mon ami (stay safe, my friend)!