What's New In Our Updated Pre Start Checklist?

What's New In Our Updated Pre Start Checklist?

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Under the Work Health and Safety Regulation Act of 2011, companies are required to provide a primary duty of care to their employees. As a result, worksites have now implemented a range of safety systems, with one of the most common being a pre-start checklist

If you are considering implementing pre-start checklists in your workplace, there are a few options available including both standard and custom pre-start checklists which can be designed to accommodate your specific operations, equipment, and any other needs. 

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For over 30 years, UniPrint has been a leading wholesaler and retailer of safety books and safety materials across Australia to a wide range of industries. With UniPrint’s safety checklists, you’ll have greater peace of mind that your workplace and people are safe, as well as know that regular inspections can be done in a consistent and time efficient manner.

With our pre-start checklists, you can complete daily & weekly checks, efficiently track the condition of your machinery, identify defects and service issues before they become hazardous, lower the risk of injuries, and have confidence that your equipment and machinery are in good working order before they are used each day. 

What Is a Pre Start Checklist?

A pre-start checklist is an organised list of checks that allow you to check the condition of a piece of machinery, so you can ensure the capacity and safety of it before use.

The benefits of using such a checklist extend beyond just providing the ease of checking and ensuring your equipment has been checked before use, it can help: 

  • Reduce the risk of injury: Complete and regular checks decrease work-related accidents. Many companies suffer financial losses over hospital bills, insurance, legal suits, and fines associated with unexpected and avoidable workplace accidents. 
  • Cut down on maintenance and replacement expense: A pre-start checklist can help prevent fast degradation of machinery and lengthen its lifespan. 
  • Increase productivity: A checklist can help facilitate a smooth day-to-day operation that ultimately translates to enhanced work efficiency and productivity, employee satisfaction, and increased revenue. 
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What Is Included in a Pre Start Checklist? 

UnitPrint’s pre start checklists come in a standard A5 size, which is 210 mm x 148 mm. This is a pretty standard size for other common booklets such as diaries, planners, invitations, books, booklets, flyers, and more. These pre start checklist books includes: 

  • 1x Repair Log
  • Daily carbonless sets of pre start inspection forms
  • Weekly carbonless sets of pre start inspection forms
  • Writing protective cover (a blank writing flap)

What Is Similar to the Original Pre Start Checklist? 

The original version of UniPrint’s checklist has been updated, with the current version retaining most of the original version features including:

  • The form size is still the same (A5 size)
  • The booklet still comes with 1x repair log
  • Writing protective cover

In the new version, however, the writing flap is no longer blank, and now has instructions on ‘how to fill out a pre-start’, making it even easier for your teams to complete.

What Is New in This Pre Start Checklist? 

pre start checklist, safety books

As well as this, the changes we’ve made to the new version include: 

  • 40 sets of carbonless daily pre-start inspection form (our original version had 6 sets)
  • 10 sets of carbonless weekly pre-start inspection form (our original had 1). 

Note that each carbonless set in the older version is repeated for 8 weeks, bringing the total to 56 sets per book. The problem with this is if you miss a day in a particular week, this sheet can no longer be used as that sheet is within the previous week within the 8 week cycle. There’s a similar issue with weekly inspection sheets that aren’t used. 

With the new version of 40 sets of daily forms and 10 sets of weekly forms, if a day is not used, it can simply be used when the next daily or weekly inspection is due. 


At UniPrint, we constantly review and evolve our safety books and materials, with our review of our pre start checklists being the most recent example of this. Whilst our safety books and checklists are the most popular and widely used across the country, we want to make sure that we’re always finding better ways to support you and your business even more. 

By redesigning our pre start checklist books, we hope that they are even easier for your teams to adopt, as well as ensure you’re able to minimise the waste in your business by being able to use every one of the daily and weekly checklists in each book. 

If you’d like to know more about the new pre start checklists, you can check them out here. If for some reason you need to make any amendments to our base booklet, you can always order a customised pre start checklist or get in touch with the team now to discuss your specific needs.