How To Increase Workplace Safety With Take 5 Safety Posters

How To Increase Workplace Safety With Take 5 Safety Posters

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Take 5 Safety Poster

In today's world, workplace safety is more important than ever. Take 5 Safety posters are a great way to remind your staff and visitors of the five steps that need to be followed for safe work practices when on your premises. To keep workplace safety at its best, make sure you take a look through our Take 5 Safety Steps for more information.

Safety Posters For the Workplace

It's important to have signs and posters around the workplace to remind workers of various workplace safety procedures. These posters should be clear to read, simple to follow and easy to apply.

They are there to guide on-site staff around the 5 steps to safety when filling out their Take 5 Safety Books. With easy reference to these posters throughout the workplace, employers can create more awareness of safety procedures throughout the workplace.

UniPrint offers Take Five Safety Posters for workplace safety. They are standardised to comply Australian health and safety standards. However, these can also be fully customisable for specific business industries or safety procedures.

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Custom Take 5 Safety Posters

In addition to the standard safety posters, your business may have a specific requirement for a customised safety poster. Perhaps you prefer to display your own logos, or specific equipment that's available to your staff at a particular location or site? This is where the Custom Take Five Safety Posters come in handy.

You can choose between our standard Take 5 Safety Posters or customise your own with our flexible options:

1./ Choose Take 5 Poster Size

Our standard poster sizes come in A2 and A3. These sizes suit the requirements for most Australian workplaces. However, if there is a size that better suits your workplace or industry, you can contact us to request your preferred dimensions here.

2./ Format with Company Branding

Updating the posters with your own branding, such as your company logo and/or colouring etc., can help staff and visitors to easily identify the safety procedures relevant to your workplace.

3./ Choose from Ultimate Gloss or Repositional

Ultimate Gloss paper finishes provides your Take 5 Safety Poster with brilliant colours and a glossy finish. The paper is exceptional quality that will wear well and is easy to reposition when needed. Otherwise, our repositional posters are a great alternative for when you want to move or customise your posters regularly.

4./ Additional Customisations for your Take 5 Safety Poster

Our team at UniPrint are more than happy to help you with any additional personalisation features you need for your Take 5 Safety Poster. This could include features such as:

  • Personalised Branding
  • Site Map
  • Workshop Procedures
  • On Site Key Contacts etc.

Simply submit your contact request here and our team will help with your printing needs.

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Repositional Take 5 Safety Posters

UniPrint can also incorporate whiteboards onto your repositional safety signs. This way you can update the poster regularly using washable markers. This can include important aspects such as the leading hand on duty/key contact/safety warden etc.

Our repositional Take 5 Safety Posters are:

  • Easy to Apply
  • Easy to Remove
  • And Easy to Re-Position

Our posters use non-damaging, surface safe technology. This allows you to easily move and apply the poster across most surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.


At UniPrint, we pride ourselves on being the leading printer of Take 5 Safety Posters in Australia. If you're looking to better promote safety in the workplace, these posters are a great reminder on how to identify hazards. In addition, using the Take 5 Safety Posters is a great way to encourage staff to continually refer back to (and use) their safety checklists.

If you would like to know more about our Take 5 Safety Posters, or how we can help you to customise your own posters, chat to our friendly team today to discuss your specific needs.