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UniPrint's Safety Checklists: Bridging the Gap Between Classroom Learning and Workplace Safety

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Learn on the job. Right? That’s the best way to get real, hands-on experience that can help speed up processes and make everything run more smoothly. Well yes, to a certain extent, learning on the job is a valuable tool to give newcomers real-life experience in the workplace. But not when it comes to safety.

We think the well-being of employees should be a focus before people enter the workplace - in TAFEs and trade schools and our customisable safety checklists make this possible. In fact, they’re already being used in schools across the region and companies are really seeing the benefits.

So, how can safety checklists positively impact those learning a new trade? And what are the real differences you can expect to see in your workplace? In this article, we’re going to go through all the benefits of introducing checklists and other safety print solutions into the classroom early on.

The Benefits of Safety Checklists in TAFEs and Trade Schools

Whether trade students are fresh out of school or mature age and looking for a career change, focusing on safety is not only going to benefit them but any future employer too. Ensuring that procedures such as hazard reporting are learned correctly means that companies can create a better and more efficient safety culture that impacts everyone. After all, making sure that safety is taken seriously means everyone gets to go home at the end of the day and there’s no potential loss of earnings.

Benefit #1: Preventing Accidents and Injuries

Ultimately, the main goal of safety checklists is to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. However, printed safety solutions only work if employees are using them correctly. Teaching students how to properly fill out or use checklists, Take 5 Safety Books and other materials ensures they’re being used to their full potential and will have a real impact on safety in the workplace. 

Furthermore, encouraging students to consistently use safety checklists means that they’re more likely to become second nature and a regular part of their daily tasks. This, in turn, creates a safer working environment for everyone – as we all know consistency is key.

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Benefit #2: Cultivating a Safety Mindset

All employees know how important safety in the workplace is, but, with other priorities seeming more important, it can often get pushed to the side. Teaching the correct use and importance of safety checklists creates a safety-first mindset among students which becomes ingrained and can influence their decisions and actions in the future. Filling out pre-start safety checklists increases workplace safety and promotes a better culture of safety in the work environment.

Benefit #3: Compliance with Industry Standards

Introducing students to the importance of industry-standard safety practices is a hugely important part of their education. Using UniPrint’s safety checklist ensures students are aware of industry standards which can make transitioning to the workplace smoother. 

It also means that employers have to spend less time explaining industry standards to their workers. If they’re already aware of them and have appropriate checklists to make safety a focus, they can go about their work more efficiently.

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Benefit #4: Promoting Accountability and Responsibility

A big part of creating a functioning and positive workplace safety culture is encouraging students to take accountability for their role in it. Incorporating checklists in the classroom highlights the importance of completing them correctly and the possible consequences if they don’t. It allows students to take workplace safety seriously and prepares them for the expectations they’ll face in a real working environment. 

Benefit #5: Industry Reputation and Employability

Let’s be honest, who are you more likely to hire – the candidate who has industry-standard health and safety knowledge or the one who doesn't? 

Those with safety checklist experience are more valued by employers. Not only are they more likely to take it seriously but they’ll also have a solid foundation that can be added to according to the unique needs of the company. All of our checklists are customisable and can have brand colours, logos, meeting points, and contact information added.

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Ready to Bring Safety Checklists into Your Classroom?

Incorporating safety checklists into the curriculum is a great way to engage students with the topic, make it common practice and, ultimately, reduce the risks of accidents happening in the workplace. At UniPrint, we offer customisable safety checklists, Take 5 Safety Books and safety posters which are all easy to use, meet industry standards and keep safety front of mind for students and employees. 

We also offer wholesale printing solutions which are ideal for TAFEs and trade schools. By introducing safety checklists early on, we’ll be able to make workplaces safer and highlight the importance of good safety procedures and practices.