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Wholesale Safety Books – Why Your Company Should Be Buying in Bulk

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Save Up To 20% on Your Wholesale Safety Books

Safety books are one of the best ways to ensure all your employees are on the same page when it comes to health and safety in the workplace. They keep everyone engaged and make sure that regular safety briefings and checklists are all part of a day’s work. But did you know you can buy all our safety books, planners and checklists wholesale? Not only does this ensure that you’ll always have a supply of safety material when needed, but it also means huge savings for you.

Whether you want to buy these safety books for your business, or are a consultant or retailer who would like to provide them to your clients - UniPrint can help you get quality safety books whilst being cost effective.


Wholesale Take 5 Safety Books – Save As Much As 20% on Bulk Orders

Our Take 5 Books are a great way for employees to recognise and control hazards in the workspace. They allow workers to quickly and easily undertake risk assessments so that safety is constantly at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Our Take 5 Safety Books are industry compliant, easy to use, portable and durable – making them ideal for any industry. Even when you buy just 100 of these books, you’ll be saving money and it will mean every worker has one to hand. So why wouldn’t you?


wholesale take 5, take 5 risk assessment books


Wholesale Pre-Start Checklists – Save on Orders of 50+

Our Pre-Start Checklists are suitable for all industries and help businesses keep track of machinery maintenance. This allows errors to be addressed and machines to be serviced before they become hazardous. Our safety checklists include daily, weekly and monthly forms as well as clear instructions on how employees should fill one out correctly. They’re versatile and can be used on a wide range of machinery. If you order 50 safety checklists you’ll save more than 8% and ensure your workers always have one when they need it.


wholesale pre start checklist for machinery, truck pre start checklist


Wholesale Journey Management Planners

Journey Management Planners should be a key part of any business’s health and safety practice. They ensure employees can work and travel safely with a concise and easy-to-follow set of instructions and tips. All journeys should be carefully planned so that workers can arrive at their destination with minimal risk. Contact us today to enquire about bulk discounts and see how our Journey Management Planners can make a difference to your workplace safety. 

journey management plan form, wholesale journey management books


Wholesale Hazard Reporting Books – Save on Orders of 50+

A Hazard Assessment Checklist is an essential aid in helping workers identify, report and rectify hazardous or potentially hazardous situations. They’re quick to fill out and can prevent accidents from happening. They’re portable (A5 in size) and include a hazard risk rating table and a hierarchy of controls so that workers can identify what needs to be rectified first. They’re something all staff can have and really make a difference to the safety of your workers.

Make an order of 50 or more Hazard Assessment Checklists and save over 8%!


hazard reporting, hazard and risk assessment checklist wholesaler


Wholesale Customised Safety Books – Save Money and Make Them Unique

Every company is different and many require Customised Safety Books unique to their health and safety needs. Having your company’s logo, colours or slogan on a Safety Book is a great way to engage workers and keep health and safety as an important part of their job.

Customising a Safety Book allows you to include unique maps, numbers and images that are relevant to your company and the employees. We can also print them on waterproof paper, stone paper, to any size and offer PVC weatherproof covers. We can translate them into other languages, idiomas, Sprachen and langues too!

Buying Customised Safety Books in bulk will save you money and make health and safety more relevant at the workplace. Your options to make your Safety Books, Checklists and Planners unique are endless with UniPrint. 

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If there's anything you would like to know about Wholesale Safety Books, custom safety books or the benefits of buying in bulk, contact us and our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.