Custom Take 5 Safety Books

Custom Take 5 Books: Take Workplace Safety To The Next Level

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Safety is always a top priority for businesses in high-risk settings - but even small everyday tasks can be risky if you're not careful. That's why your business could use custom safety books to help keep your people safe. You can provide them with concise and easy-to-read safety information and checklists specific to your business.

Custom safety books can reflect the specific risks in your workplace and make them unique to your workers. So why not have a look at how our Custom Take 5 Books could make all the difference in keeping your employees safe at work.


Benefits of Custom Take 5 Books in Your Workplace

Take 5 Safety Books have become an integral part of most workplaces to help ensure everyone is safe every day. Having custom safety books made to suit your unique site and industry can help in keeping safety procedures relevant and a priority for employees. 

By customising Take 5 Safety Books with your logo, brand colours and specific site of OHS information - staff are more likely to see them as part of their daily routine, rather than a generic off the shelf book that doesn't apply to them.

It is important that staff feel like safety is key to everyone on site and tailored to their environment. Customised safety books give staff the feeling that safety is a priority and getting home safely each day is important to everyone.

It is important to make sure your risk assessment checklists and safety books are up to date, simple to use and relevant to your industry, site and employees. You will have your own procedural requirements for safety, instructions on who to contact and site maps. These are all options you can include in your customised safety books and checklists. We can even translate the safety books into other languages such as French! 

If you can imagine it, we can create it!

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The Options Available For Custom Take 5 Books

Custom Take 5 Safety Books should be an essential part of any work site. Not every workplace is the same or has the same safety issues, so we have custom options for your workplace needs including:

  • The text and logos;
  • Insert pages, maps and images;
  • Double carbon copy options;
  • Waterproof paper;
  • PVC weatherproof covers, and;
  • The dimensions and number of checklists.

Whatever your company needs, we can make it happen.

Along with our paper option, we also offer stone paper which is waterproof and environmentally friendly. The stone paper option is great for wet areas and sites where it is likely to get a little oily or messy. Whether you're a plumber, a mechanic or any trade that needs something a little tougher you’ll be happy with our stone paper range. 

We also have PVC covers to protect your safety book from weather, dust, spills and more. These covers come to fit each of our custom books no matter which size you choose. We have smaller pocket-size books available as well as full-size safety books. We also make custom size ones if neither of these works for you!

With Custom Take 5 books you can be sure that your workplace is prepared for any potential safety issue. 


Custom Take 5 Books


Australian Owned and Made Right Here in Melbourne

Yes, that’s right, all our safety checklists and books are designed and printed right here in Melbourne! We manage the entire process – from coming up with the ideas and layout right through to the boxes of books being delivered to your door. No more waiting for overseas deliveries or dealing with companies that just see you as a number.

When you have the option to shop anywhere online we believe that supporting Australian made is important. Local people, local jobs and we know exactly what working conditions are like so make products to suit the Aussie environment and workplace. 

We are up-to-date on Australian Safety Standards and believe our Custom Take 5 Books are the best on the market. UniPrint is Australia’s leading supplier of safety books across many industries and we always make our products to the highest standards.


How To Order Custom Take 5 Safety Books and Checklists

The easiest way to order your custom safety books and safety checklists is to contact us. Otherwise, you can get your order started by simply filling out our custom safety book form. We will then work with you to create the Custom Take 5 Books you are after. 

Not only do these books look professional in the workplace but they remind staff that their safety is a priority to your business.