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Custom Safety Books: Why Your Workplace Needs Them

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Safety Books In The Workplace

There are a range of safety practices that have been rolled out across workplaces to support workplace health and safety. Whilst the intention is to be thorough, they can often be cumbersome and don’t end up getting done.

Safety books and checklists are a quick and efficient way for people to ensure they’re working safely.

UniPrint are Australia’s leading safety book supplier to a range of industries. Our off the shelf products are suitable for all industries and will help your organisation meet health, safety and legislative requirements.  However, we know not all organisations’ safety needs will be the same.

Introducing UniPrint’s custom safety books!

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Custom Safety Book Options

If you want to use the foundations of UniPrint’s safety books to build your own custom safety book - we’ve got you covered.

We can customise any element of your safety book from colours and finishes, right through to inserting pages to communicate your organisation’s specific safety processes.


Custom Safety Book Option 1: Brand, Colours and Logos

If you want to make sure your safety book is one your people can immediately identify with because it reflects your organisation from front to back - UniPrint has you covered.

Your business is unique and it’s important your safety books and checklists don’t feel like another ‘out of the box’ solution. 

UniPrint can start with the core pages of our Take 5 Safety Books, Journey Management Planners or Pre-Start Checklists and can do as little as include your logo, or design your very own covers with your branding and colours. 

Custom Safety Book Option 2: Custom Insert Pages

Are safety books and checklists just one part of your safety procedures? If you want to ensure your people are constantly reminded of your specific safety processes or hazard reporting - why not add in custom pages?

Custom insert pages for your safety book can simply be an inner cover that communicates your overall safety procedures, key contact details for your health and safety division right through to workplace site maps so your team knows where to go for first aid or in an emergency. 

Custom Safety Book Option 3: Dimensions

custom take 5 safety book, waterproof safety bookThe most popular dimensions for our safety books are our pocket sized books. As an example, our Take 5 Safety Books are provided in a range of alternative finishes including our Waterproof Stone Paper Safety Books as well as with PVC All Weather Covers.


We also provide them in a larger format to make compliance even easier. If you have preferred dimensions that will work better for your people, your workplace or equipment UniPrint have got you covered.

Customised Safety Book Options are Endless with UniPrint

As you can see there are a range of customisations you can have for safety books to ensure they’re a 100% fit for your organisation and your safety needs.  As well as these 3 customised safety book options, we can also provide them in a range of finishes including our waterproof stone paper range which is suitable for workplaces which are more susceptible to oil and water spills as well as being environmentally friendly.

If you can think it - we can probably do it.

Contact us now if you’d like to discuss your custom safety books with us, we look forward to hearing from you.