what is take 5 safety

What is Take 5 Safety?

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Take 5 Safety is a simple and effective way to increase safety awareness in the workplace.

UniPrint is one of Australia’s leading printers for Take 5 Safety Books. We provide a range of standard pocket-sized Take 5 Books that can be used across different industries. The purpose is to help your staff easily identify and report risk hazards in the workplace.

Staff members use the Take 5 Safety Checklist before starting work on any job. By keeping this as a standard practice in the workplace, you can ensure your staff don’t get complacent, and are aware of any potential risks or hazards they could be exposed to before they start a job. Any identified risks can then be assessed, managed and monitored, making their workplace safe.

“Take 5, Stay Alive”

The checklist is not a long, laborious form - it fits on one small booklet page, and can be completed within 5 minutes. When done right, staff are much more aware of their workplace surroundings, and what could pose a risk. Taking 5 minutes before starting a job helps save much more time later, as well as provide a safer workplace for all staff members. So, what are the steps for a Take 5 Risk Assessment?

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1. Stop, Step Back and THINK

Employees should take this time to think about the job they’re about to work on. Do they understand what they need to do, and how they need to work to complete the job successfully?

In this step, they’ll identify if they have all the correct tools, safety equipment, training and support they need to perform the tasks, and get the job done safely.


    2. IDENTIFY the Hazard(s)

      Staff will identify any potential hazards they may be exposed to when working on the job. Depending on the job type, environment and equipment involved, there are a number of potential hazards including:

        • Physical hazards, such as manual handling, slipping, exposure to disease
        • Equipment and machinery hazards, such as moving parts, or faulty machinery
        • Emotional hazards, such as fatigue or over-exertion

        The Take 5 Checklist provides you with a list of potential hazards relevant to your workplace and staffing needs. Whilst it is a simple yes/no checklist - it allows employees to take a moment and become aware of any risks they could be exposed to or needs to be reported.


          3. Assess the Level of Risk

            The level of risk is then assessed for any identified risks. To do this, our Take 5 Safety Booklets include a Risk Matrix to assess whether the risk is:

            • Low Risk
            • Medium Risk
            • High Risk

            take 5 safety book, risk assessment table

              4. Control the Hazards

                Where risk or hazards have been identified and assessed, the next step is to ensure they can be controlled or managed appropriately to keep the workplace safe to operate in. Staff should not start the job until identified risks or hazards have been appropriately dealt with.

                Identified hazards are assessed and controlled through using a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). Depending on the identified level of risk, the hazard is assessed by either:

                • Tradesperson in charge
                • Workplace supervisor
                • Workplace manager

                The purpose is to ensure that the hazard can be eliminated or appropriately controlled.


                  5. Proceed Safely

                    Now that all preventative measures have taken place, and identified hazards have been eliminated or controlled, it is safe for staff to commence work on the project.

                    Workplace safety doesn’t just stop at the Take 5 Books, however this is a quick, standardised and effective way to ensure all staff are able to best manage safety in the workplace. In addition to Take 5 Safety Checklists - staff should always be aware of their workplace surroundings, and perform their tasks with proper care to avoid workplace accidents.


                    Want to Learn More About Take 5 Safety?

                    If you want to find out more about our Take 5 Safety Books, and Resources, please contact us now. UniPrint also has FREE Take 5 Online Training which provides certified training for your staff, ensuring they know how to successfully use their Take 5 Safety Books in the workplace.