What are Workplace Safety Checklists?

What are Workplace Safety Checklists?

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Safety checklists are used in the workplace to help reinforce the safety measures adopted by your company. These are designed to keep employees, customers and site visitors safe. They are commonly used in Australia across a range of industries including mining, government, construction, and trades etc.

It is important to keep a proactive approach when it comes to safety in the workplace. A great way to do this is to perform routine inspections of the workplace using checklists. The Take 5 Safety Checklist is extensively used with trades, and our UniPrint Take 5 Safety Books are even endorsed by the Master Plumbers Association.

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The Take 5 Safety process is a powerful tool when it’s used properly. This is designed to make you more aware of your surroundings, and to be more proactive in identifying and mitigating hazards before they become a threat. All too often, it’s easy to become blasé with safety in the workplace - especially if you’re familiar with the work and your surroundings. But this familiarity can be when potential hazards start to go unnoticed and turn into more threatening risks.

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The basic process of Take 5 Safety includes the following steps:

  1. STOP: take a moment and think about potential risks associated with the task.
  2. IDENTIFY: recognize the hazard.
  3. ASSESS: assess the level of damage that hazard can cause.
  4. CONTROL: manage that risk, and notify others.
  5. PROCEED: safely proceed with the task.

So, what tools can we use to ensure we remain vigilant with our safety culture in the workplace?  Fortunately we offer some really effective tools that are simple for employees to use:

Take 5 Safety Checklist

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The first tool to help promote safety in the workplace is the Take 5 Safety Checklist. These books are small and versatile. They can be easily stored in uniform pockets or tool boxes for easy access. These are also durable to withstand tough working conditions.

The purpose of this checklist is to help raise awareness for employees of the potential safety hazards associated with their tasks. By running through clearly defined assessment steps, hazards can be easily identified, reported and managed.

UniPrint’s Take 5 Safety Checklist has been designed in a way that it can be used across all industries. However, these can also be customised to suit your particular industry, should your compliance levels differ to what’s been provided in our standard range of books.

Pre-Start Checklists

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UniPrint’s Pre-start Checklists are designed to help employees and managers track the condition of machinery in the workplace. These are versatile enough to use across a variety of machinery, and cater for daily, weekly and monthly inspections.

Using pre-start checklists on your machinery at the start of the day ensures that your plant and machinery are functionally operative and safe to use. It allows you to track the condition of machinery, and identify any potential hazards or defects.

Using this checklist to conduct your machinery inspection requires a mix of visual inspections, testing general functions, and assessing the condition of existing machinery features.

Take 5 Safety Poster

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You can support the use of the Take 5 Safety Books and Pre-Start Checklists in your workplace by using our Take 5 Safety Posters. This can be used as a training tool by reminding your staff to actively engage in the Take 5 Safety steps.

These posters are designed to be easy-to-follow, and offer employees a clear guide on using their checklists correctly. This promotes a more proactive approach for staff to be vigilant in identifying and reporting identified hazards.

The UniPrint safety posters are repositionable, meaning they are durable and can be easily moved around the workplace when needed. They are bright and dynamic to easily capture the attention of your staff.

Workplace Health and Safety Made Easy with Safety Checklists

As you can see, safety checklists help make OHS in the workplace simple and effective. UniPrint can provide you with this range of safety checklists and supporting materials such as Take 5 Safety Posters and even Take 5 Online Training. If these sound great, but you’re after something specific for your workplace, we also provide a range of customised safety checklists that can be designed and produced to meet your needs.