Antimicrobial Covid Signage

Antimicrobial Covid Signage

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When it comes to safety posters, there is a new type of signage making its way into the workplace. These are called Antimicrobial Covid Signage, and they're designed for high-traffic areas in your workplace that will accumulate most of the dirt, bacteria and other contaminants over time.

But what makes these safety posters different from traditional ones? Well, Covid Signs have an antimicrobial coating on them that not only lasts for years but also helps reduce the amount of germs being spread around! It's time to get these signs up in your workplace today!

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What Are Antimicrobial Covid Signage?

Our workplace safety signs are different to other safety posters because they have an antimicrobial coating on them. What makes the coating so special?

Antimicrobial adhesive film works by using silver ions and natural minerals to destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that touch the safety poster for as long as 5 years! This is very effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including those that cause staph infections and other illnesses such as Covid-19.

Antimicrobial Covid safety posters are designed for high-traffic areas and in places where there will be a lot of people. They can also be used for safety posters that need to be replaced often, such as safety signs in work kitchens or safety posters in the office restroom.

Our range of Antimicrobial Covid Signage

The types of Antimicrobial Covid safety posters we offer include:

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How do COVID safety posters contribute to your workplace safety?

Our safety posters can be deployed in your workplace to help improve safety. For instance, safety posters such as the Antimicrobial How to Handwash Poster have clear and easy-to-understand instructions that your workers can follow when washing their hands after using the restroom or before meals.

These safety signs are also designed to remind workers regularly of safety practices so that safety is at the forefront of everybody's mind each and every day. These safety posters will help reduce the spread of germs in your workplace, which can mean less sick days for employees!

You can also use our Circle - Keep Your Distance safety posters to indicate to all staff and visitors that they should maintain social distancing as much as possible because they are protecting themselves and their family against the spread of Covid-19.

This safety poster indicates to everyone that they should stay 1.5 metres away from others, to help stop the spread of Covid germs. This sign is very clear and easy to understand, and is used in addition to other workplace safety signs.

Why are safety posters so important for my business?

Safety posters are an important safety tool that should be used in your workplace to help minimise risks and ensure everyone stays safe. They have the potential to save lives!

Our Covid-19 safety posters also work together with other workplace safety signs, so they're a great addition to help keep your workplace safe. For instance, you can use our Antimicrobial Maintain Social Distancing safety poster to help reinforce safety messages in your workplace that ensure workers are only standing 1.5 metres apart when interacting with each other. It can be placed around the work area or near the entrance of bathrooms and kitchens as well as other high traffic areas.

Remember to check out our full range of Covid safety posters today for your Antimicrobial safety poster needs!

If you happen to have any questions about our safety poster range, or would like some custom safety posters and signs made with for your business, contact our team now, so we can help design and print the perfect solution for you.