The Visual Impact of Safety Posters: Creating a Safer Workplace

The Visual Impact of Safety Posters: Creating a Safer Workplace

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In fast-paced work environments, visual aids are one of the most important things when it comes to workplace safety. Carefully placed safety posters are a great way of reminding workers to take practical steps to keep themselves and others safe.

But when it comes to workplace safety posters, there are many to choose from. You need to ensure you’re putting up the best posters for your unique workplace and the needs of your workers.

In this article, we’ll delve into why safety posters are an essential part of your workplace set-up, the differences they can make and how UniPrint can provide top-of-the-range posters that create a great safety culture in your workplace.

Why Are Safety Posters So Important?

There are many benefits to having attractive, clear and branded visual aids around the workplace. They help to keep safety a priority for everyone – which is essential for workers and employees.

Reduce the Chance of Accidents Occurring

A Take 5 Safety Poster can remind workers to stop and assess the risks around them. By laying out the information clearly, workers are encouraged to consider their own and other people’s safety and welfare. Not only can safety posters help with risk assessments, but they can also tell workers what the next steps are once they’ve identified a potential problem. Posters can be customised to include specific measures unique to your business, so there’s no doubt about company policy or what the correct steps are.

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They Work Quickly

Safety posters are one of the most efficient ways to convey safety information quickly. Because they’re put up in carefully thought-out places, there should always be one nearby in the case of an emergency. They minimise the risk of human error (other safety materials such as Take 5 Safety Books require workers to remember to bring them with them). Because of how safety posters are designed, they’re clear to read and follow.

Show Your Commitment to Workplace Safety

Having brightly coloured posters located around your workplace shows your dedication and commitment to employee safety. It helps to show them that their safety and welfare are priorities for you which, in turn, makes them a priority for them too. Adding your company’s logo and brand colours helps to keep the posters relevant and shows that management has taken the time to focus on employee safety. It also helps to build trust because their safety is so visually clear.

Keep Safety Front of Mind

Safety posters help to visually keep risk assessments and safety procedures front of mind for the whole workforce. They can jog people’s memories to carry out assessments correctly, fill in incident reports and follow the correct procedures in case of a workplace accident or the identification of a risk.

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The Safety Posters and Features On Offer at UniPrint

At UniPrint, we have a range of safety posters and different features on offer so that you can choose the perfect design for your workplace.

Free Downloadable Poster

The safety and welfare of your employees are so important that we even offer a free, downloadable poster. They help to encourage employees to engage with workplace safety so that accidents and incidents are reduced.

Available in Different Sizes

All our Take 5 Safety Posters are available in different sizes so that you can mix and match depending on location and importance. Often, in areas with many people passing, posters need to be larger so that they can be seen from further away. Likewise, in entrances or around specific machinery, posters may need to be smaller to fit.

Repositional Media

The range of safety posters on offer at UniPrint can all be printed onto Repositional Media, meaning they can be moved as and when necessary. They can be put up on any flat surface and removed without damaging the wall. This is a particularly useful feature as it allows for more flexibility in the workplace.

Use of Whiteboards

We can add whiteboards to all our workplace safety posters which help to keep the posters dynamic and relevant. The posters can be printed with the company’s core safety procedures and a whiteboard area that can be updated with weekly focal points and messages.

Customised Safety Posters

A great way of making posters more relevant is to add your company logo, colours and messages. You can also personalise them by adding meeting points, contact names and phone numbers. This makes them more unique and practical for your employees. It also helps to keep health and safety a focus for everyone.

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Adding safety posters around your workplace is a great way of encouraging workers to engage in safety protocols and keep welfare front of mind. They’re easy to read and direct, meaning they can be a really efficient way of jogging memories and highlighting the important information to follow. 

If you have questions about safety posters or the difference they could make in your workplace, get in touch with the team at UniPrint. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best design for your needs and answer any questions you may have.