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Help keep your staff and customers safe and healthy by maintaining social distancing. 

A floor sticker will act as a gentle reminder in places where keeping your distance can be easy to forget, e.g. staff rooms, elevators and other popular places. They can also work well in cafes or restaurants to keep your staff safe and to avoid customers standing to close when in a line to the counter. 

Two floor applications to choose from - Our Carpet RPM is designed for carpet or rough surfaces and our Floor RPM is designed for smooth floor surfaces such as ceramic tile and marble.  

Product Details:
2 x Circle Footprints Covid Floor Signs
Carpet Removable: Slip rating of R12 with two sizes available: (280mm circle & 350mm circle)
Floor Removable: Slip rating of R9 with two sizes available: (280mm circle & 350mm circle)

Remove with a heat gun as adhesion is strong and may damage porous surfaces.

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