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Help keep your workplace healthy and safe with our Safe to Touch door lever/handle decals using Antimicrobial Protection. 

The protective decals contain Antimicrobial agents that inhibit and neutralise the growth of microbes on its surface, killing bacteria and viruses. Click here for more information on Antimicrobial Protection.

Our door handle decals are Repositional - non-damaging, surface-safe technology that can be applied to most surfaces, used for indoor and short term outdoor use application. Designed to help you reuse, repurpose and reapply your prints easily.

Product details:
Pack of four - for both sides of a door with levers/handles
4 x Safe to touch door lever/handle strip decals 160 x 55mm
4 x Labels 40 x 55mm
(trim strip to suit handle - minimum handle size is 70mm)  
Antimicrobial Protection 24/7
Repositional and non-damaging general application

Qty available: 0 packs SKU: UNI-881-PULL

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