Take 5 Solutions – How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Take 5 Solutions – How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

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It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure the workplace is safe. But the only way to do this is by making sure everyone is aware of potential hazards, what they need to do when they’ve identified one and what solutions there are. Take 5 Solutions are an easy, quick and effective way for workers to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.

At UniPrint, we offer a range of tools to make workplace health and safety a priority for both new and experienced staff. These include:

  • Take 5 Books
  • Custom Take 5 Books
  • Take 5 Safety Posters
  • Take 5 Training

Here you’ll find all the information you need about our Take 5 Solutions and how they can really make a difference to your workplace’s health and safety.


Take 5 Books

Giving all employees a pocket-sized Take 5 Book is a simple way for them to carry out daily risk assessments. Our unique books are specifically designed to create awareness amongst workers, allow them to correctly identify hazards and set risk management standards. 

They’re also 100% industry compliant and are accredited by the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia. They help employees to make risk assessments part of their daily routine in an easy-to-use and portable format. 

Depending on your specific industry, our Take 5 Books can also be printed with water-resistant covers or on stone paper to make sure they’re durable and can withstand a day’s work. These little books can really make a big difference and reduce the number of incidents and accidents in the workplace.


Custom Take 5 Books

Custom Take 5 Books are a great way of keeping risk assessments relative to employees and their specific environment. We understand that workplaces and industries are different which means there are different risks and protocols.

At UniPrint we offer fully customised safety books which allow for unique hazard reporting and your company’s design. They can be translated and made available in different languages too!

You can choose to add additional pages, maps, logos, names and safety procedures that employees can easily follow. By customising safety books for your company, staff will really feel like health and safety is a priority and they’ll be more likely to carry out regular risk assessments. They’re also a great marketing tool for workers to use. 

We can print your customised Take 5 Books on waterproof paper, make them any size and use double carbon copy options. Whatever your business needs, we can print it!

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Take 5 Safety Posters

Bright and easy to use, Take 5 Safety Posters are a great way of reminding your staff to carry out risk assessments. Available in A3 and A2 sizes, our workplace posters clearly lay out important information for employees to follow so that they can stay safe on site.

At UniPrint, we print all our safety posters in high opacity with a matt white finish so they can easily be read daily or in an emergency. We also use surface-safe technology so that these Take 5 Solutions can be easily taken down without damaging the wall. They can also be used for brief periods outdoors.

As is the case with our Safety Books, Take 5 Safety Posters can be customised. We can create a unique poster design that incorporates your company’s health and safety policies, brand colours and make them any size you need!


Take 5 Training

To help you and your employees get the most out of our Take 5 Solutions, we’ve created a completely free training tool that’s available for unlimited use. Each section is carefully designed so that workers fully understand how our Take 5 Safety Books work and so that they have all the information they need to keep their workplace safe. 

A completion email will be sent to both the employee and management once the Take 5 Training has successfully been completed. Not only is it a great resource for new employees, but it’s also useful as a refresher!

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All Your Take 5 Solutions are Available at UniPrint

As you can see, we offer a wide range of tools that can be used in the workplace to keep everyone safe. Risk assessments need to be an essential part of daily work and our easy-to-use books and posters keep health and safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Get in touch with us today to find out how our customised Take 5 Solutions can make a real difference in your work environment.