Our Sustainable and Australian Made Safety Solutions

Our Sustainable and Australian Made Safety Solutions

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Did you know that UniPrint is one of the most sustainable printers around? It's true! We’re all about safety and sustainability in our printing practices but also in how we source our materials, what we create and how we minimise waste through repurposing. Whilst we've been traditionally focused on our range of safety books, we're now exploring ways to change how high visibility vests are produced and make them sustainable and Australian made. Uniprint is part of the Junction Print Group here in Melbourne that prides itself on leading the way with sustainable printing practices. 


Who are The Junction Print Group

Uniprint is one of three printing companies in The Junction Print Group that work with the common goal of redefining print. Each company provides unique industry services to their customers while maintaining sustainability as its core focus. Innovation in sustainability in their work practices makes The Junction Print Group a leader in the printing industry.


Sustainability is the Core of What We Do

There are many ways we make our printing operation at Uniprint more environmentally friendly. From using soybean-based inks to stone paper, and ensuring any chemicals we use are water-based wherever possible. We repurposed materials like cardboard and make them into the packaging to safely transport your order.

We work in a circular economy structure that functions on the principles of educating, eliminating, innovating, and circulating. This means we’re able to reduce our use and waste of many important resources such as water, electricity and paper. Sustainability goes into every part of the process.

circular economy stone paper

Leading the Way with Sustainable Materials

One material we are using that's cutting edge for sustainability in the printing industry is stone paper. Yes, you read that right, paper made from stone!

Crushed stone is the base for this revolutionary paper, which has an elegant satin finish and textured surface. It's made from 80% calcium carbonate gathered offcuts that are bound together by a non-toxic resin to form beautiful documents with sustainability at its core. It’s waterproof, tear-resistant, fully recyclable and compostable.

Research shows that one tonne of stone paper (instead of one tonne of wood pulp fibre paper) saves 20 trees! By purchasing our stone paper products like the customised Take 5 Uniprint Safety Books (waterproof stone paper) and our Set in Stone (waterproof notebooks) you become part of the circular economy. 


Innovation and Collaboration in PPE

We’d also like to talk about a different kind of sustainability product that we’re looking into. We want to go beyond our Australian made and market-leading checklist books, into the area of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

The OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) industry in Australia is booming, as it should be. OHS is responsible for the safety of work environments and workers throughout all industries – from mining and construction to healthcare. OHS is important in all businesses in order to develop safe working practices.

We are known within the safety industry for creating custom books like our Take 5 Safety books, but we are also in talks to create sustainable and Australian made high vis vests and other PPE items.

High visibility vest and sustainable PPE

Australian Made High Visibility Vest

The vast majority of high visibility vests will end up in landfill as, due to regulatory standards, they can’t be reused. They are often made from virgin polyester (plastic) from overseas sources and made in factories with poor working conditions.

Figures show that 90% of textile waste ends up in the world's landfills! We are not OK with contributing to that here at Uniprint. So we are looking into ways to change the current sourcing of our high visibility vests and other PPE products.

It's great to see businesses like Assembled Threads take on the challenge of creating PPE that is both sustainable and Australian made. They've also focused their attention on helping marginalised communities with employment opportunities while maintaining sustainability at all times. Their vests are made from recycled material sources and manufactured right here in Victoria. This is an amazing innovation for the industry.


The Way Forward in OHS

At Uniprint we are always looking for ways to be on top of our game and improve, especially around safety and environmental practices. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders when it comes to providing safety checklist products but also how we’re reducing our environmental footprint.

The team are constantly reviewing current best practices while also researching future trends and innovations. We are always on the lookout to work with companies that are developing new environmental practices so we can bring you the best products for your business. 

By partnering with UniPrint, not only will you be looking after your OHS needs but you can rest easy knowing that you have also contributed to creating a more sustainable world.

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