Our Free Take 5 Training

Our Free Take 5 Training

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Safety checklist templates are one of the most commonly used safety tools in workplaces. They're a necessary step that helps us all stay safe on the job and go home at the end of each day. But are people on your team using them correctly? Even the best checklist isn't much use if people don't know how to use it. With the Take 5 assessment books, it's easy to identify and manage hazards. We even offer free Take 5 training online on how to use the books efficiently and correctly so your team can work together on safety.

Benefits Of Using Take 5 Safety Books

The advantage of the Take 5 Safety books is that they ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to minimising risk. Providing a real-time safety analysis with real steps to follow gives your employees the opportunity to assess and maintain a safe working environment. 

The books are simple to use, consistent and provide a format for your employees to follow from start to finish. It’s everything your employees need in one book, with no messy printouts in a clipboard or loose pieces of paper floating around in the truck. Completed Take 5s can also be used in planning for future projects to reduce and eliminate potential hazards.

Take 5 Risk Assessment


Using a Take 5 Risk Assessment

The supply and use of the Take 5 pocketbook to employees can show reasonable care by the employer in maintaining a safe work environment. It can give your employees a voice by supporting them in risk identification, assessing the risk and how to control and monitor the hazard. Here are the basic steps Take 5 walks you through to manage workplace risks and how to proceed with reporting. 

How to fill out a Take 5 risk assessment:

  1. STOP and Take 5
  2. IDENTIFY any hazards
  3. ASSESS any risks
  4. CONTROL the hazard
  5. PROCEED and monitor

For more detailed information, you can check out our recent article: How Do You Complete A Take 5 Risk Assessment? 

Our Free Take 5 Training Online

Now you have your Take 5 books it is important to provide your employees with the same understanding of how to use them and the company expectations. We have made this easy for you by creating a free Take 5 training tool that is fast and simple to use. It's easy to understand, straight to the point and will get everyone on the same page when it comes to what needs to be completed in your workplace.

The training can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets and computers and can easily be completed as a group in a toolbox meeting. All your employees need is internet access and their Take 5 pocket books in hand. Each person will receive an email confirmation of completion of the training as well as the manager or designated person for your records. 

Take 5 Training


Take 5 For Your Workplace

Our standard take 5 books are world class, but we also offer custom take 5 safety books for branding and to help with hazard identification and hazard reporting of your unique work environment. Managing risks is the foundation of all health and safety management systems. Ensuring staff feel confident to use tools like the safety books to identify and prevent risks helps maintain a safe work environment for everyone.

Uniprint is your innovative safety printing solution. Not only do we take care in producing quality safety books but we also take the utmost care in providing you with an environmentally friendly safety option. Our books are available on stone waterproof paper that is durable and can be taken on most worksites. 


Going Home Safe

At the end of the day, no-one wants people to be injured at work - we want everyone to go home safely and we know you do too. That’s why we offer our free Take 5 training program to go alongside the Take 5 Safety books. It’s free, it’s online, and it’s tailored specifically for workplaces to create an understanding of how to correctly use the Take 5 assessments. Order your books and complete the online training today. We know you’ll find it helpful in keeping yourself and your employees safe!